Ian realises he can’t afford a honeymoon cruise after Tanya points out how much they cost. He tries to cancel, but it’s too late. Meanwhile, Lucy offers to cover for Mandy so she can visit Lorraine in hospital. Lorraine lashes out at Mandy when she tells her that as soon as she’s on the mend she’s on her own.

Michael’s desperate to get his hands on Jean’s cash and tries again to persuade Jean to ‘invest’ in his fake business. Jean is insistent that she can’t invest the money without Alfie’s say-so. Later, Jean finds out that Alfie’s money to make ends meet has all come from dodgy deals. Wanting to keep the wolf from the door, Jean tells Michael she’ll invest after all, but only if Michael keeps it a secret.

Derek hints to Carol that he liked to move in with her after another disagreement about their living arrangements with Jack. Carol tells Derek that the kids are still adjusting to life without Bianca and they aren’t his biggest fans. Derek resolves to win round the kids and he gets their kitten Joey back. Tiff and Morgan are delighted and Carol offers Derek Pat’s old room.

Also, Lauren wants to move home; Whitney worries that she’s pregnant.