Mandy helps a traumatised tattooed man

We return to the start of the yesterday’s events, this time to follow two more characters – Kee and Carl. Carl – who has a swastika tattoo on his neck – tries to do anything to get rid of it, including burning it off!

Carl is rushed into The Mill by Rose and is treated by Mandy and Jimmi. Mandy and Carl have a heart to heart and she finds out that St Phil’s might be able to give him a skin graft if he consents and he’s left hopeful.

Meanwhile, Kee has a consultation with Elaine – she is pregnant and wants the pill to ‘fix it’. She goes to tell the father, her pimp – Declan – who reacts angrily but she manages to escape him, deciding not to abort the baby.

Elsewhere, cleaner Rose is revealed to have been stealing drugs from The Mill to treat her mother. In reality, she is a doctor from Nigeria. Rose is here illegally but she means to do the best for her patients – the illegal immigrant community. Rose is their doctor and Mrs Tembe and Kevin respect this.