Mandy is fuming when Ian falls for Lucy’s victim act after their big row. Dot reminds Mandy that Lucy has only got one parent. She encourages her to prove she can be a good mum. Mandy realises Dot is right and tries to have a heart-to-heart with an unimpressed Lucy, who later moans to Lauren about Mandy. Lauren reassures Lucy that Ian will see through Mandy eventually.

Roxy feels awkward when she wakes next to Jack on his sofa and hurries out. Later, Roxy bumps into Jack in the cafe and they agree that last night was a one off. Michael is surprised to see Jack and Roxy looking cosy. He infuriates Roxy by insisting she’s playing into Jack’s hands. Michael rifles through Jack’s desk and finds Amy’s forged passport documents and triumphantly shows them to Roxy.

Kim lies she’s got a date when a cheeky Ray asks her out and isn’t put off by her refusal. Kim takes her internet date Sinclair to the Vic, but the date is a disaster. Ray is amused and tells Kim she can’t resist him and she’ll give in to him eventually. Kim accuses Ray of calling her easy and slaps him, then slaps Sinclair for good measure!