Mandy notices Niamh seems a little out of sorts and tries to get her to open up about how she’s feeling. Niamh doesn’t really want to talk but then lets slip to Mandy that she’s moping over a fella – not giving away it’s Al until Mandy wrongly guesses it’s Jimmi. Mandy is surprised but agrees to keep it a secret, though she’s worried that she’s going away on holiday for two weeks and Niamh will have nobody to talk to. 

In the end, Mandy is trying to persuade Niamh to come out with the gang that evening for some pre-weekend drinks when she admits she’s told Emma, so that she can keep an eye on Niamh. Besides, the two of them have bonded, right? But Niamh’s far from impressed – she told Mandy in confidence that she liked Al, and now it’s being spread around the surgery? Niamh storms off in a huff!

Meanwhile, Heston’s made it into work with a terrible cold – Howard knows Heston wants to be at work, but it’s a bad idea when he may be seeing vulnerable patients. Heston’s in the process of being persuaded to return home when he unexpectedly finds himself outside in the car park. Later at home, Heston becomes paranoid and starts hearing noises, so grabs a cricket bat and hunts around the house. Not finding anyone, Heston settles down in his chair for a long evening, jumping at shadows…

Also, Daniel goes to bat for a patient whose little girl seems to have contracted scurvy after a cut in their benefits mean that they are unable to feed themselves properly.