Mandy tries to help Mrs Tembe

At the Campus, Mandy is worrying about being fair to Chris in his 360 feedback while Zara is being suspiciously nice to Mrs Tembe. Mandy notices Mrs Tembe isn’t her usual self and when she finally admits she can’t go back to Church and face Gordon, Mandy understands how she has also lost her community. Later, Mandy presents Mrs Tembe with a list of local churches which might suit her and although Mrs Tembe is touched and says she will look into it, it’s clear that she won’t.

Howard and Al arrive for work in their best suits for their meeting at the Patent Lawyers Office, and Al’s chuffed when Jas wishes him luck. At the meeting, Al expects to sign on the dotted line and is stunned to hear there’s a problem – a South Korean company have just filed for a similar patent and got in before him – his blood pressure device is now defunct! Al tries to prove his machine is superior and refuses to leave without his patent but as Howard and Richard’s attempts to reassure him fall on deaf ears, he finally storms out.

Also, Chris visits a mother and son struggling to deal with the aftermath of a tragic accident, but he soon realises that everything is not quite as it seems.