Mandy wakes up in bed with Lois and, despite Lois’s emotional neediness over the past few days, she decides to enjoy the moment. They enjoy a relaxed morning out shopping and, when Mandy buys Lois a bracelet, they ask a shopkeeper to snap a photo of the two of them. Mandy’s feeling happy when she arrives at work that afternoon until Kevin sarcastically comments that he’ll step back if she’s so happy to replace Freya with Lois.

Kevin’s words hit home, however, when Mandy comes home from work to find that Lois has replaced a picture of Mandy and Freya with the one of Mandy and Lois. When Mandy erupts in fury, Lois claims that she loved Freya more than she loves her and threatens to leave. Fearing Lois will leave her, Mandy begs for forgiveness. She attempts to soothe and reassure Lois – but it looks like it will be a long night…

Meanwhile, Karen is at Emma’s house going through her possessions and comes across a cosmetics bag she had in hospital containing her wedding ring, engagement ring and her eternity ring. When Emma tells Karen how much she misses her late husband Sam, Karen wonders if she’ll ever feel the same way about Rob.

Also, Zara is concerned when she tries to help a woman who is convinced she has cancer.