Mandy wants Lois to move out

At the Icon, Mandy meets Lois, who keeps trying to ply her with wine and Mandy makes the mistake of calling Lois ‘Freya’ as she starts to pour. Mortified, Mandy leaves saying she’ll see Lois tonight. Later, Kevin tells Mandy he knows she has Freya’s sister staying with her and says she doesn’t seem herself at the moment, snapping at everyone. He suggests that Lois is getting to her and that she should ask her to find somewhere else to stay. Mandy nods in agreement.

Later, Mandy heads home, fully intending to tell Lois to leave but sees that she’s gone to great lengths and cooked an elaborate meal. However, Mandy plucks up the courage to tell Lois she has to go. Lois seems fine about this, saying she’ll go tomorrow but suggests they should make their last night together a good one. As the wine flows, Lois kisses Mandy, who responds and soon the kiss grows more passionate…

Following their date, Rob pops over to The Mill with some lunch for Karen and tells her how he caught a mugger that morning but Jimmi bursts his bubble when he reveals the poor bloke was running for a bus and that it was his handbag. Rob’s embarrassed but Karen thinks it’s sweet that he’s trying to impress her. Rob returns later and asks Karen on another date… fishing!

Also, Howard encounters a woman who believes that her late husband has come back from the dead.