Libby sets off to find Lucas and tell him about Ben‘s confession. She finds a manic Lucas at the community centre and he’s locked himself in. Libby tries to reason with a sobbing Lucas and he finally opens the door. Libby tidies up the trail of destruction Lucas has wreaked on the community centre, as Lucas prays for forgiveness at the altar. Libby is worried about Lucas, but her fears are overshadowed when Jordan wakes from his coma.

Ian takes Ben to the police station and is alarmed as Ben starts talking about his relationships with Phil, Stella and Shirley. Phil arrives and is angry that Ian took Ben to the police without calling him. Phil tries to backtrack when he lets slip he’s not proud of Ben by offering to take Ben to the football or boxing. Ben blurts out that he hates football, boxing, Louise and Phil and asks Ian if he can move in with him.

Whitney is worried that Billie will be angry if he discovers Leon kissed her. Bianca advises Whitney to keep quiet about it. Lucy maliciously lets slip to Billie and Billie gives Whitney the chance to come clean. Whitney skirts around the subject and an irritated Billie storms out.

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