Mara’s new owner Elliot arrives

Danny worries that conditions have become cramped for the elephants at Leopard’s Den, who are starting to fight. As Mara’s new owner Elliot Kriel arrives, Sarah has her work cut out for her with the first guests in the new luxury lodge – a hen party of excitable young women, who turn out to prove very useful indeed…

Kriel asks Danny to help out as a guide over at Mara for a group of rich, demanding bankers, agreeing to take some of his starving elephants over to the larger Mara in return. But Du Plessis steps in as the guide while Danny tends to an injured elephant, and when the bankers run into trouble, Elliot withdraws his offer.

When one of the injured Leopard’s Den elephants dies of its wounds, its mate goes berserk and breaks out of its pen, but Du Plessis heroically scares it off. Later, Kriel tells Danny he has a solution to his problem: tear down the fence between Mara and Leopard’s Den, create one big game reserve for all the animals.

Also, Du Plessis is thrilled to learn he’s going to be a granddad but is saddened when his son Kirk reveals that he and girlfriend Neema will be moving to the US. Later, Danny delivers Neema’s baby in his vet’s surgery.