Armed with the mobile phone footage of Marc dressed as a woman Kylie heads back to the salon suggesting Audrey might want to reconsider sacking her. As she reveals she knows about Marcia, Audrey’s appalled, but refuses to give in to Kylie’s blackmail. Sensing Audrey’s turmoil, Marc suggests maybe it’s time they tell everyone about Marcia. Audrey isn’t ready, but assuming she’s trying to protect him Marc decides to take matters into his own hands.

When Owen overhears Katy and Chesney rowing about money, he gives Katy enough to pay the bills. Katy accepts, leaving Chesney feeling emasculated. He’s still stewing as they arrive at the hospital for Katy’s 20 week scan and when Owen takes the shine off the moment by asking if the baby could have Izzy’s condition, Katy pales. Back on the street Chesney confronts Owen.

Tortured by the sight of Tina and Matt together Tommy pays the doctor a visit. Having made an appointment with Dr Mat he uses it to attempt to warn him off Tina.

Also, Fize feels vulnerable in prison as the inmates continue to threaten both her and Hope.

*Second Epsisode, 8.30pm*

In the pub all eyes are on Marcia and Audrey’s horrified, she tried to bluff that he is going to a fancy dress, but Marc is keen to come clean. Marc tries to explain his reasoning for going public, but Audrey can’t listen and apologising he leaves. Outside a humiliated Audrey tears a strip off Marc, insisting it was up to her to decide when the time was right to tell people. Back at home Marc’s sorry for upsetting Audrey, expressing his love for her. But the faces of her family and friends etched in her memory Audrey starts to question whether their relationship can continue.

When Owen confides in Anna she plays go between with Chesney and Katy, urging them to see that Owen genuinely cares. Taking it on board they hold out the olive branch. Touched, Owen thanks Anna and it’s clear they are growing closer to each other.

Tommy’s played into Matt’s hand as the Doctor now pulls out all the stops to woo an impressionable Tina. As they head out together Tommy squirms and wonders whether it’s finally time to move on.

Also; Gail rails at Kylie when she discovers she’s to blame for Audrey’s upset.