Marco admits his secret

Franco implores Carmella to help him reconnect with Marco. Seeing Franco’s vulnerability, Carmella pleads with a reluctant Marco to heal the rift with his dad. Marco ends up forgiving Franco, before admitting his dark secret – that he can’t have kids.

After hearing from Elle about Paul’s flirtation with Nicola, Rebecca tells Paul she doesn’t want to accept his cash or for him to help her with her studies. He tries to persuade Rebecca to hear him out but soon discovers from Oliver that Elle told Rebecca he had been chatting up Nicola. Furious, Paul packs his bags and leaves home telling Elle he no longer wants to know her and fully intends to get his company back.

Toadie is distressed to discover that Callum has been stealing from his friends and neighbours, but soon realises his ‘little brother’ has been motivated by chronic insecurities. Realising that Steph is moving on with her life with Jay, Toadie reaffirms his commitment to Callum who returns the stolen goods to their owners.

Also, Rachel gives Ringo $20 to take Ty’s place in the kissing booth.