Oliver declares his love for Mia but doubts their future if she insists on continuing to hide their relationship. But when Oliver openly shows his affections for her at the christening, Mia declares her true feelings for him to Marco. Meanwhile, Oliver finally learns Marco’s infertility secret when he inadvertently overhears a conversation between Rosie and Carmella, and later shocks Marco by revealing his secret to everyone. Marco ends up losing his temper and takes a swing at Oliver.

Following Lou’s health scare, Harold is reluctant to leave Ramsay Street. But Marco is determined to provide a secure future for Carmella, and tackles Harold about backing out of the house sale. Lou admits the truth about his health and shows his support for Harold by urging him to leave. Harold realises that if he reneges on the sale he will become a man he can’t respect. He tells Marco he is keeping the house but he and Carmella can rent it for next to nothing, giving them the chance to save up. Harold later offers Lou the chance to come travelling with him.

Also, Toadie and Frazer talk about what will happen when Steph returns.

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