Keen to make Marco’s birthday special, Carmella organises a picnic to celebrate, inviting half of Ramsay Street. The celebration becomes extra important when Marco romantically proposes to Carmella who happily accepts. But the picnickers begin to worry when later they start smelling smoke and Dan is in trouble when a tree falls and traps him…

Meanwhile, Toadie assures Steph that she doesn’t need to explain her kiss with fireman Jay and pretends to be happy that she has moved on. Steph is later irritated when Jay invites Toadie and Callum to fire-fighting training, where Jay pressurises Steph to admit she still has feelings for Toadie.

Elle is certain that new newspaper proprietor Paul is returning to his old ways. Rebecca stands up for Paul and urges Elle to consider that his motives could have been genuine. Paul later explains that he was merely trying to get closer to his daughter, but Elle refuses to believe him, leaving Paul frustrated.

Although Rachel is becoming growingly disturbed by Donna’s ‘single white female’ behaviour, Ringo is dismissive. But Ty is concerned when he catches a glimpse of Donna’s scary obsession.

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