Marcus denies his relationship with Maria (VIDEO)

As Marcus and Maria attend Ben and Andy’s wedding it’s clear Marcus is uncomfortable. Maria picks up on his unease when Marcus still doesn’t admit to his gay friends that Maria is his partner.

Izzy and Gary wait anxiously as Tina signs the consent forms for Jake’s surgery. The operation goes well, but only two people can visit him at once. Tina’s heart breaks as she hangs back and allows Gary and Izzy to go in. But alone with Tommy, Tina finally confesses how much she loves Jake and isn’t sure she can give him up. Tommy’s appalled.

When Dev likens Sunita’s situation to Tyrone’s, when the police wrongly accused him of something he didn’t do, Tyrone’s concerned. In a bid to look like the good guy, Karl tells his mates the reason he wishes Dev would stop reliving the fire and Sunita’s death is that he’s worried about Dev’s mental state.

Also, Deirdre’s concerned to find Eileen frantically cleaning after working all night and having had no sleep at all. When Paul arrives home, he picks up on Eileen’s mounting anxiety; Sylvia insists that Roy’s mentally stressed and needs to do something about it; Sally waits nervously for her date in the Rovers.