Tina’s convinced David has something to do with Joe’s drug addiction, and despite his denial she’s not buying it. Meanwhile, the doctor wants to prescribe Joe with methadone to alleviate his withdrawal but he refuses to take any more drugs. Gail knows the only way Joe will get through the next few weeks is with her full support – but later admits to Audrey that she’s not sure she can deal with the situation.

Eddie shows Steve his grand design for the wedding cake but Steve’s unimpressed and distracted when he spies Becky with Slug again. Unbeknown to Steve, Slug demands cash from Becky and when she’s not forthcoming he threatens to ruin her wedding.

Chesney asks Fiz if she’ll alter his overalls for him. She’s glad he’s talking to her again and with slightly lighter heart she goes to visit John, wearing her engagement ring. John assumes she’s got it back from the jewellers and Fiz is forced to lie to him, still unable to tell him about Chesney.

Also, Tony apologises to Michelle and they agree to put their differences behind them; Rosie threatens to withdraw her investment; Maria and baby Liam arrive back from Ireland and Maria drops a bombshell that she’s thinking of moving to Ireland.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Michelle suggests to Maria that she could rent No.7 from when she moves to Ireland but she’s non-committal. She finally opens up and admits to Fiz that she’s in love with Tony and Fiz suggests she should just tell him. Emboldened by Fiz’s words Maria’s about to admit her feelings for Tony when she bottles out and searching for something to say asks him if he’d like to be Liam’s Godfather. Tony accepts but makes it clear he would like to be more…

Tina quizzes Joe and Graeme about the drugs and finally realises that David took advantage of her dad. Furious, she confronts David accusing him of feeding Joe’s drug habit and tells him if he ever crosses her or Joe again he’ll regret it.

Ashley has to cope with Graeme building a ‘Blackpool Tower’ out of sausages and he accuses him of taking the mickey out his vasectomy. But worse is to come when Claire makes it evident she is looking forward to a romantic night in and Ashley is sure his guilt will affect his performance.

Also, Becky arranges for Jim to attend the wedding as a surprise, but Steve’s concerned and is convinced her secretive behaviour has something to do with Slug.

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