Tony and Maria are stunned when Helen offers them a family christening gown and shows Maria a photo album she has made for her and the baby. Tony is curt with Helen, but Maria doesn’t back him up. Tony asks Maria if she’d like him to move out for a couple of nights to give her some breathing space. To his dismay she agrees and Tony leaves No.7 with his overnight bag.

Umed has let Teresa spend the night in the shop but ushers her out before Dev arrives. She tries to smooth things over with Liz for Lloyd but she isn’t interested. Umed asks Teresa if she’d like a job making curry for the kebab shop, remembering how well her curry went down at the fete. Teresa’s keen but points out she’s homeless and has no kitchen. After finding out how hard she tried to speak to Liz Lloyd agrees to let Teresa stay one more night in his flat.

Luke tries but fails to increase his overdraft with the bank. In desperation he tries to rekindle his relationship with Rosie.

Also, Molly tells Kevin she’s not sure she can carry on their affair as she hates lying to Tyrone.

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