Maria and Tony play the proud parents

Tony races to Maria‘s side as he scans the deserted beach in panic. With no one in sight and no signal on his phone Tony carries a terrified Maria over the sand dunes and into a beach hut. Managing to get a faint signal Tony calls for an ambulance, but as Maria’s contractions come faster it looks like help might not get there in time!

Molly suggests to Jack, Connie and Tyrone that they have an evening at the dogs so she can spend some time alone with Kevin. Feigning illness so she can stay at home, she texts Kevin telling him to come round. As he’s about to set off Sally arrives home and insists he joins her, Sophie, Ben and his parents for pizza. Kevin needs to find some way to escape.

Steve’s promised to make more of an effort with Slug, but stuns Becky by saying he wants them to get married! Becky’s thrilled at the prospect of a summer wedding, but when Slug calls into the Rovers Steve struggles to be civil. Slug’s well aware he’s jealous and plays on it.

Tina is left fuming when she guesses David sent her the rose; Sean takes a fancy to Leon when he goes to the gym with Jason.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria and Tony look every bit the proud parents as Audrey, Fiz, Kirk and Natasha arrive at the hospital. They discuss names, but it’s not until they’re alone that Maria announces she’s going to call the baby Liam. As he kisses the baby’s forehead Tony’s inwardly sorry for killing Liam.

Tyrone arrives back early from the dogs and is surprised to see Molly dressed sexily with a bottle of wine on the table. Molly pretends it was a surprise for him and quickly despatches him to the corner shop, just as Kevin calls to tell her he can’t make their date. In a panic Molly hustles him into the house and pushes him out of the back door when Tyrone returns home…

Ramsay thanks Emily for a lovely evening at the church social and it’s clear she’s smitten with him, while Norris is very put out. Emily wishes Ramsay could postpone his plans for Australia, but Norris can’t wait for him to go.

Tina suggests to Jason that they should buy a property together to do up. He’s stunned by how quick she’s moving, but Tina explains it’s purely a business proposition

Also, Eddie proposes to Anna, but having heard it all before she isn’t sure how to react.

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