Maria is attacked in Corrie!

A burglar lays in wait as Maria enters her flat in Coronation Street

Eva and Audrey tell Maria she should never have split up with Luke, but she snaps and tells Eva her relationship with Aidan won’t last. Smarting after her exchange with Maria, Eva’s even more put out to discover Aidan hasn’t even started packing.

Meanwhile, finding the door to her flat open, Maria enters as a burglar lurks in the shadows…

Earlier, Maria and Liam are shocked to find Caz sleeping rough – but will Maria help her? Later, a kid approaches Caz and while he distracts her, his mate steals her rucksack.

Will Sally withdraw her support when she finds out from Tim that Phelan’s proposed development will mean knocking down of the community hall?

Jenny’s appalled when Johnny goes out for a meeting and the girls down tools and sit back to watch a film in the factory. Gary asks Craig to keep an eye on Bethany.