Maria attacks Tony – in her nightie!

Maria is determined to get to the bottom of Jed Stone’s mysterious disappearance and accuses Tony of murdering Jed. Maria is stunned when he confesses that he strangled him with a negligee and put his body in one of the hampers. As Maria stares at him in horror he describes how the Underworld staff partied around the hamper unaware that Jed’s body lay inside!

Kevin and Sally are shocked when they open the morning paper to find a salacious article about Rosie and John complete with saucy photographs. Kevin is ashamed that Rosie cashed in on her kidnap ordeal, but worse is to come when he and Sally discover a home pregnancy testing kit in the bin. Rosie insists it isn’t hers – but could it really be Sophie’s?

Gail is worried sick about Joe and confides in Tina who finds him once more at his lock-up. She tells him he is being unfair on Gail and begs him to come back.

Also, Ken hears from Adam, who told him that Peter is back on the booze in Portsmouth; Eddie gets some more players to hand over 20 quid to sign up to the darts team.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria races out of the factory in terror closely followed by Tony and rushes into the Rovers and hysterically tells Fiz and Emily that Tony has confessed to Jed’s murder. But she is left frustrated and angry when it is clear that no one believes her. Tony, meanwhile, continues to play the innocent-yet-concerned victim and tells Carla that rather than get an injunction against Maria he thinks she needs medical help.

Maria spends the rest of the day gathering ‘evidence’ against Tony and later turns up in the pub in her nightie and accuses Tony of killing Liam and Jed. Maria is regarded with pity by the regulars, who think she has finally lost her marbles.

Sally and Kevin are shocked to the core when Sophie tells them that it was her pregnancy test and, what’s more, it’s positive! As they struggle to come to terms with the news Sophie breaks down and confesses it’s a big lie as she was only after attention. Kevin and Sally feel that they have failed as parents.

Also, Anna is furious with Eddie’s scams when he claims he was mugged for the darts’ team money.

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