Maria avoids telling Liam the truth

Maria realises she will have to go home and face the music sooner rather than later. But when she arrives on the street, she spots Liam and panics and asks the taxi driver to take her to Audrey’s house. Audrey receives a distraught phone call at the salon and heads home to find out what is wrong. Maria breaks down and confesses the awful truth about the baby.

Bill thinks Audrey has been acting suspiciously and he is convinced that her strange behaviour has something to do with the mysterious Ted Page. Bill asks Gail if she knows anything about him and is stunned when a perplexed Gail tells him that Ted is her father!

Vernon is excited about the cruise trip but is gutted when Liz tells him that she can’t leave the pub and will have to stay. Liz later confides in Deirdre that she couldn’t bear the thought of spending 24 hours a day trapped on a ship with Vernon. Deirdre is concerned about the state of her friend’s marriage if she can’t even go on a cruise with her hubby.

Also, Leanne and Dan are off the hook with the police, but Paul is pleased that she’ll be left with the debt and forced into bankruptcy.