Maria Connor talks to Michelle about David’s odd behaviour. Meanwhile, David tells Emma to close the salon early and invites her round to number 8 for a beer. Maria arrives at the house to find Emma in a state of undress and she makes a swift exit. David gives Emma a set of keys and asks her to move in!

Summer apologies to Alya for showing her up, so Alya asks her to help her with a new idea. The pair of them then pitch a sportswear range to an impressed Aidan and Carla.

With no money coming from her parents, Rana tells Kate that she can’t move into the flat. But Zeedan needs her help and she sets about trying to source furniture for the restaurant.

On a night out with Mike, Liz finds herself casting glances at Johnny. Billy returns from rehab. Nicola is concerned when she locks herself out and can’t find the spare key. Seb later finds it and says it was there all along but Nicola is not convinced.

Second episode of the evening.