When Tyrone tells Fiz about the abusive texts Caz has received from Maria Connor, Fiz reckons she’s exaggerating. Meanwhile, Caz tells Kate that she’s leaving for good.

Maria arrives home from London and is furious to find her flat a mess. When Aidan and Eva suggest Maria should report Caz to the police, will she agree? As Maria sets to cleaning up her flat, she’s horrified to discover blood splattered up the wall…

When Sharif finds Dev reading the gym accounts, he quickly whisks them off him and assures him that he’ll look after the books. Having printed off another set, Dev shows Zeedan the gym accounts which show a transfer of £14k to Sharif’s personal account. Will Zeedan confront Sharif?

Wishing Leanne and Nick well with their 20-week scan, Michelle reveals that Steve is hoping she’ll have a boy.

The staff at the Rovers prepare for a Halloween party.