Maria decides to play detective

Maria has not slept a wink all night and she has tried ringing Tony, but his mobile is switched off. Dismayed, frustrated and tormented she tells Tom that she needs him to help her get to the truth surrounding Liam’s death. Kevin feels for her when she confides in him that nothing about her husband’s untimely death makes sense and she’s desperate to get some answers.

Darryl is getting ready to move out of the house to make way for the new tenants, but Teresa insists she’s not going to give up their home without a fight. Teresa stages a sit-in and the Platts look on as Darryl desperately tries to persuade his mum to leave. The Platts’ amusement soon turns to horror when they discover that their new next-door neighbours are none other than the Windasses!

Molly is dismayed when she sees Minnie and Tyrone chatting together again and when she smells Minnie’s perfume and recognizes it as the one Tyrone smelt of the other day she is devastated. She quizzes him about his trips to the gym and tries to catch him out by telling him she will join, too.

Also, Janice starts her community service at the hospital and discovers her ‘boss’ is Emily.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Gail is stunned when she realises who the new family are as the Platts and Windasses scream abuse at each other. Teresa is booted out of the house and the Windasses move in, but Gail is surprised when Anna later knocks on her door and says that she wants the two families to reach a truce. David and Tina are stunned to return home and find the two women hugging!

Tyrone is determined to put Molly off the scent and enrols the pair of them in a swanky gym. Molly watches him as he goes through his paces and it is obvious to her that he has never set foot in a gym before. When she discovers how much the membership is costing she can’t believe it and is more suspicious than ever.

Maria questions Dev about the night of Liam’s death but he can’t tell her anything she doesn’t already know. Tyrone however feels compelled to tell her that Jason reckoned the driver of the car never even swerved or put his brakes on. This is all Maria needed to hear and she seizes on it as proof that Liam’s death was no accident.

Also, Emily is pleased with Janice’s progress.