Maria dumps Luke in Corrie

Aidan panics when Maria Connor dumps Luke in Corrie.

Maria makes out Aiden called round to get her opinion on a flat he was thinking of renting as a surprise for Eva. While Eva and Luke get a round in, Aidan rails at Maria for letting Eva think he wants to move in with her. Maria leaves and when Luke catches up with her, she drops the bombshell that she thinks they should finish. When Aiden hears he rushes round to ensure their secret is still safe. Meanwhile, when Caz tells Liam that Luke and Maria have split up, Maria’s furious that’s she’s interfered and tells her to pack her bags and leave.

Leanne confides in Eva that returning to the bistro was a mistake when Nick heads off with the hen party to a club in town.

When Izzy suggests it’s time to head home, Gary’s clearly in no rush and agrees to a game of darts – leaving Izzy’s disappointed.

Tim gives Steve some tips on how to reduce his fertility. Sean asks Norris if he can rent his spare room. A woman arrives in the Kabin to view Norris’ cabinet but Gemma recognises her and tells Norris she’s a well known rip-off merchant. Norris is impressed while Rita promises her she’ll nominate her for the Good Samaritan Award.