Maria gets close to Tony

Tony can’t wait to get rid of Natasha in the morning, while Natasha is loved up after their night of passion. Natasha boasts to

Maria about her conquest and Maria surprises herself by feeling a twinge of jealousy. Tony visits Maria and as they chat there is a closeness and ease that hadn’t previously been there. Maria tells Tony to put his hand on her stomach, but when he feels the baby kick he has a panic attack.

Peter tells

Deirdre he needs to clean the flat to con her into taking Simon so he can spend the afternoon drinking. When Deirdre returns with Simon it is clear he hasn’t done much tidying and she hides her concern. After she’s gone Peter falls and bangs his head and terrifies Simon. Peter tries to lighten the mood, but it is clear he is not fit to care for a child.

Ken spends a lovely few hours with Martha and she invites him to the theatre the following evening and suggests he stay the night. Ken is immediately uncomfortable and guilt ridden, but Martha feels foolish believing she has rushed things.

Also, Ches hides a letter from the school addressed to Fiz, but Fiz is preoccupied with a letter from John Stape.

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