Maria gets jealous of Natasha

Deirdre struggles to cope with the situation at Peter’s and moans to Blanche that she could do with some support from Ken. When Deirdre takes Simon back to Peter’s flat she’s horrified to find a stack of empty whisky bottles, Peter is furious to walk in and find Deirdre going through his things and he demands she leave. Deirdre refuses until he can prove to her that Simon is safe in his care and the pair end up in a stand off, as Deirdre doesn’t want to leave Simon with his dad.

Ken, meanwhile, is over at the boat with Martha and enjoying another afternoon of chat and culture. Martha is keen to know more about Ken and his home life, but he manages to sidestep her tricky questions to avoid telling her about his wife.

Maria is in a strop after Tom’s jealous suggestion that Tony might fancy her. But she can’t stay mad at Tom for very long and they make friends again after he apologises for the suggestion.

Also, Julie is worried that she might be pregnant and confides in Kirk, but Kirk is clearly excited at the prospect of possibly becoming a dad.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria goes to the Rovers with Tom, Tony and Natasha and Maria can’t help getting irrationally annoyed when Natasha flirts with Tony. When Tony says he needs an early night Natasha is disappointed, but Tony changes his mind and calls her to invite her round. Natasha arrives at his flat dressed to the nines and Tony is impressed. He’s intrigued when Natasha says Maria has warned her off him.

Ken is oblivious to the crisis back home as he enjoys a glass of wine with Martha. Meanwhile, Deirdre threatens to call social services and Peter backs down and lets her take Simon home. As Ken gets home Peter storms into the Barlows and takes Simon, claiming that he’s sober as a judge while Ken and Deirdre are the ones who have been drinking. Deirdre is furious when Ken refuses to stop Peter taking his son.

Dev decides to boost Tara’s confidence in the gallery by getting Minnie to phone her masquerading as an interested art dealer. Minnie unwittingly finds herself agreeing to buy three pieces of art for £700.

Also, the Websters invite the Dobbs for dinner and Sally is put out when Molly reveals she’d like to pay a more active role in the mechanics.

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