Maria gets some devastating news

Liam wakes up on Carla’s sofa with a raging hangover and in a complete panic as he knows that Maria will be furious with him. Liam hurriedly leaves the flat, leaving a smug Carla who knows that it will cause trouble between Liam and Maria. Liam returns home and Maria storms off in a huff.

Maria goes to work and when Marcus pops into the salon for a trim he is concerned when she innocently mentions that her baby has stopped moving. Marcus talks Maria into going to the hospital for a check-up and offers to go with her when she reveals that she’s not talking to Liam. Maria is horrified after the scan when the midwife tells her that they can’t find a heartbeat for her baby…

Roy is furious with Becky when she turns up for work as she stayed out all night and didn’t tell him she wasn’t coming back to flat. Becky apologises for worrying Roy but he is less than impressed to discover she spent the night with Jason.

Also, Dan and Leanne are questioned by the police; Audrey tells Rita that she’s arranged to meet Ted but she doesn’t know how to tell him he has a daughter.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is numb with the news that her baby has died. The registrar explains that she will have to go home and come back tomorrow to deliver the baby. Maria tries to call Liam but can’t get hold of him and she returns to Coronation Street to discover he’s gone out. Maria tracks down Liam to the Rovers and finds him with Steve discussing fatherhood. Maria tries to persuade him to come home but as he starts to apologise and tell her how much she and the baby mean to him she can’t find the words to tell him what has happened.

Roy is not amused when he finds Becky serving Jason outside the cafe and he reminds her that Jason is barred. Roy can’t understand Becky’s behaviour after the way Jason treated her but Becky is so thrilled that Jason is showing an interest that she ignores Roy’s fatherly concerns.

Audrey is nervous at the thought of meeting Ted but the years soon melt away and they are chatting like the old days. Audrey steels herself to tell Ted the truth about Gail and he is stunned to learn he has a daughter.

Also, Leanne confesses to a furious Janice that she arranged the fire at the restaurant.