Maria gives birth to her baby

Liam is furious that Maria has spent the night on the sofa, assuming she’s punishing him for staying at Carla’s. Maria heads off to the hospital to give birth to her baby and when Marcus sees Liam, he realises that Liam knows nothing about it.

Marcus rushes to the hospital and is there for Maria as she delivers the stillborn baby. Maria gives birth to a perfect baby boy and as she holds him lovingly she starts to cry. Meanwhile, Liam and Audrey are wondering where Maria has disappeared to, while Carla is smug that she’s caused trouble, unaware of the tragedy unfolding at the hospital.

Paul tells Jack, Molly and Tyrone that a court date has been set for next week and he grimly tells them he’s sure to be sent down. Tyrone is smug to be getting rid of the troublesome Paul but Jack is appalled and wants to pay for a better solicitor. Paul assures Jack that he won’t let his granddad waste any more money on him – it’s enough knowing he’s taken revenge on Leanne.

Also, Leanne decides to stay with Dan to keep out of the way of a disapproving Janice, but Harry makes it clear that it’s only short-term.