Maria is a woman on the edge!

Audrey grows increasingly concerned about Maria‘s frame of mind and when the distraught widow arrives at the factory and demands the key for Tony’s desk, Fiz has to take her home and get her to calm down. Audrey decides the time has come to get her some medical help.

Steve feels the strain of playing bad boyfriend as a frustrated Michelle struggles yet again to have a civilized conversation with him. She confides in a guilty Becky who tells her she could do a lot better than Steve. Michelle makes Becky feel even more uncomfortable when she sadly confesses she just wants the old Steve back as she misses him.

Molly returns from her dad’s and angrily confronts a shocked Tyrone and tells him she knows all about his so-called workouts and his fancy piece at the kebab shop! Tyrone fails to convince Molly he’s not having an affair and tells Pam that he will have to tell Molly the truth. Pam tells Molly that Tyrone helped her shift her stock, but the pair stop short of telling her that Tyrone was saving the money for a dream wedding. Molly is outraged and refuses to forgive Tyrone for lying to her.

Also, Eddie gets a job at Streetcars.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is growing increasingly edgy and Fiz worries when she insists on going back to the factory to get into Tony’s drawer and search for Liam’s wallet. Meanwhile, Audrey has gone to the medical centre to call for a doctor and Fiz rushes over there to hurry Audrey up.

Fiz and Audrey return with the doctor, but Maria is in the Rovers demanding keys to Tony and Carla’s flat. Fiz and Audrey coax her home, but she refuses to admit there is anything wrong with her and sends them all packing. Meanwhile, Tony and Carla have arrived back from honeymoon and Tony is worried when he listens to the ranting message about him being a murderer that Maria has left on their answer machine.

Steve is desperate to spend some time with Becky but he can’t get away from Michelle. When Michelle makes a chance remark about the stench of Ryan’s football kit and how there’s nothing worse than a smelly man, Steve gets another idea for his bad boyfriend plan!

Also, Eileen is upset when her dad Colin blows her out for dinner and she finds him in the Rovers charming Rita; Tyrone blames Pam for Molly walking out on him.

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