Leanne advises Carla to tell the truth about her love affair with Liam rather than wait until it is too late. Carla is terrified of the outrage it will cause, but knows that Leanne is right when she tells her she can’t marry Tony. Carla prepares to find Liam and tell him that they need to come clean. But she is stopped in her tracks when Michelle guesses that a suddenly teetotal Maria is pregnant and Carla realises her dream of being with Liam is over.

Kevin has imposed a new set of rules on Sophie to ensure she is safe. She pretends to be annoyed, but is secretly pleased by the attention. The police question them and Kevin is worried when the officer tells him that there is a possibility that Rosie may be in serious trouble and Sophie could be next.

Tyrone worries about the wedding and with the church booked he has little time to save up. Molly insists she is happy with a reception at the Rovers, but Tyrone wants more for his bride and Pam suggests he help her flog some more knocked-off stuff.

Also, Amber looks forward to her night of romance with Darryl; Fiz and John grow closer.