Maria is stunned by Carla’s confession

Carla gets tipsy at Liz’s hen night and her jealousy over Liam’s relationship with Maria gets the better of her. When the ladies start joking about what good kissers their men are, Carla snidely remarks that Tony is a better kisser than Liam. Maria is horrified by Carla’s confession and she storms home to confront her fiance. Liam admits that they did kiss once, but he instantly regretted it. Although he fails to admit that he was the one that made the move.

David is still fuming that no one will believe him that he’s not involved with drugs but Sarah is enjoying his humiliation. Sarah casually remarks to Stephen that she’s sorry that David has let him down and that she and Jason will now have to move out of the Platts. Stephen is left thoughtful.

Michelle is distracted as the idea that Ryan may not be her son is playing heavily on her mind. The barmaid is unable to put on a brave front any longer and she breaks down in Steve’s arms. Michelle hints that she wants to put an end to the speculation once and for all.

Also, Rosie plans her night away with John.