Maria leans on Tony for support

Maria is terrified as the sonographer checks for a heartbeat during her scan and automatically reaches for Tony’s hand. Maria is flooded with relief when she’s told the baby is fine and it’s a boy, but seeing Liam’s son is too much for Tony and he has a panic attack. Tom, meanwhile, is disappointed that Maria took Tony to the scan and not him. Tony makes it clear that Tom is out in the cold, then tells Maria that Tom has a massive crush on her. When Maria confesses she knows about the crush, Tony offers to buy Tom out of Ladrags.

Liz can’t believe Steve let Becky talk him into letting Amy visit Tracy. Becky, meanwhile, is stunned when she discovers that Amy has been told that her mummy is working in a hotel and she encourages Steve to at least give Amy a version of the truth.

Tara tells Poppy there’s nothing to salvage from her relationship with Dev and says she’s going to enjoy twisting the knife. Tara raves to Dev that the public art installation she’s planning will get everyone talking and asks Dev to put up 9,000 pounds to help the project to take off.

Also, Fiz tries to help Chesney with his homework.