Maria learns the truth about Sam and Kieron

Ric struggles to concentrate at work after finding out about his grandson. He tries to contact Michelle but Linden needs his help with an experimental procedure to save Callie. Ric sanctions the operation but is distracted during the surgery and messes up.

Meanwhile, Daisha brings prospective adoptive parents to Holby to meet baby Joe. But she becomes more confused than ever as she tries to decide whether to keep Joe or give him up.

Elsewhere, the Holby Christmas party is cancelled, so Donna decides to raise money and organise one herself. Maria and Donna are still not on the best of terms and they fall out, using the party as an excuse to air their true feelings.

Later, Maria notices Sam and Kieron talking but she has no idea why. Sam leaves and Keiron goes to find Maria, but she avoids him and makes excuses as she is in love with Sam. Maria confronts Sam about how he knows Kieron. She goes into a tailspin when she hears the truth about Kieron being Sam’s son…