Things are tense between Maria and Luke in Corrie

Luke puts his foot in it with Caz and Maria in Corrie

When Caz confides in Luke that it would have been Kate’s mum’s birthday today, Luke suggests she sends Kate some flowers. Caz is grateful when he offers to order them but insists he doesn’t get carnations. Luke mistakenly orders carnations for Kate with the message “I know what these meant to your mum. Caz”. Deeply upset, Kate confronts Caz who’s horrified to realise Luke sent carnations by mistake. Maria rails at Luke calling him useless and he storms out.

Leanne starts work back at the bistro and Nick’s jealous when he clocks her laughing with Robert. Nick quizzes Steph, convinced Leanne is involved with Robert but Steph clams up, leaving him more suspicious than ever.

Izzy arrives home from prison and is touched to discover Gary’s organised a welcome party. When Faye announces that Izzy and Gary are back together, everyone’s thrilled for them whilst Gary masks his guilt.

Gemma tells Dev that she’s signed up for the Good Neighbour Scheme and then offers to do Rita’s shopping for her. A bemused Rita insists that won’t be necessary. Aidan assures Eva that he hasn’t ruled out living together but he’s just not quite ready yet.