Maria makes a disturbing discovery about Tony

Maria listens as Rosie reveals that she had shown the Carla and Liam footage to Tony. Her thoughts are racing and she starts to analyse everything she has been told and works out that Tony knew about the kiss before he asked Liam to be best man.

Liz suggests to Michelle that she has a romantic night in with Steve and Michelle tells a nonplussed Steve that she is cooking dinner for them. Becky is not worried about this development until Liz lets slip that she walked in on the two of them kissing in the back room and Becky is gutted and left wondering if Steve is ever going to split up with Michelle.

Molly grows increasingly suspicious of Tyrone’s behaviour when he sees him spending more time with Minnie. Unaware that his real reason for talking to Minnie is to sell her cheap perfume she starts to wonder if something is going on between them. Tyrone convinces her that he doesn’t fancy Minnie and lies that his recent absences are because he’s been going to the gym.

Also, Peter invites Leanne round for pizza and is hopeful that he is getting somewhere with her. Peter moves in for a kiss but Leanne remains cool with him.

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