After nearly four years on Holby’s wards, nurse Maria Kendall makes the decision to quit her job this week, to take up a post in Tanzania. Having been offered the job of Holby’s ward sister, Maria’s career at the hospital looks to be on the up. But after being confronted by best friend Donna about applying for the job behind her back, a guilty Maria starts to have second thoughts.

With the corridors of Holby filled with memories of her disastrous relationship with Doctor Sam Strachan, her ill-fated reunion with her birth mother and more recently the car crash that nearly killed her, Maria realises that she has to move on from the place. On impulse, Maria hands her notice in to an understanding Mark and leaves the hospital in a cab, with just a voicemail explanation to Donna as to her resignation.

Elsewhere; Mia is discovered safe, much to Donna’s relief. Mark saves the day during the flash floods and it looks like the CEO job is in the bag.