Maria stares at Liam’s seemingly lifeless body on the rocks below, but she can’t get down to help him. Terrified, she stumbles back to the hotel to get help. Maria gasps out what has happened at the hotel reception and they immediately call the mountain rescue team. But will it be too late?

Fiz is being talked round by a very persuasive John who reminds her of all the happy times they had together. Becky can’t believe that Fiz is considering giving her cheating ex a second chance. But all John’s hard work is for nothing when Rosie turns up at the cafe. Fiz is brought back to reality with a bump and she tells John that he hurt her too deeply for the relationship to carry on.

Michelle senses that Ryan is getting suspicious about his ‘stalker’ and she makes up a lie to put him off the scent. Michelle tells Ryan that Nick has been arrested by the police and won’t be bothering him again.

Also, Jason apologises to Becky for shouting at her, while Sarah texts him and asks him to come to Italy to sort things out; Harry forces Dan to apologise to Blanche and revoke her ban from the bookies.