Maria reports Tony for murder

Tony has been unsettled by Maria‘s phone messages and it’s left him in no doubt that she suspects him of murder. Tony heads to the factory and confronts Rosie, who is forced to admit that Maria has seen the footage of Liam and Carla kissing and that she has been behaving strangely ever since. Tony knows he has to act fast and pays a terrified Maria a visit…

Steve’s ‘bad boyfriend’ plan steps up a gear as he walks round the flat smelly, unkempt and unshaven and then tells Michelle that he isn’t going to bother with Christmas presents this year! Michelle is upset but also confides in Becky that Steve’s behaviour is upsetting Amy. Meanwhile, Steve’s plans for Amy’s birthday party get off to a dodgy start when Jesse the entertainer (played by Cold Feet’s John Thomson) turns up minus his wife, the other half of his double act and confesses that his wife has run off with someone else.

Tyrone is having a miserable birthday without Molly. Pam speaks to Molly and asks her to stop blaming Tyrone but Molly still can’t find it in her heart to forgive him.

Also, Hayley suggests to Roy that they host a Christmas lunch for the homeless.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is stunned as Tony tells her that Liam and Carla’s affair was going on for months. Tony admits that he did want Liam out of the way, but just when she thinks he is close to confessing he changes tack and says that he feels responsible for Liam’s death but he refuses to come clean about what really happened.

Tony offers a stunned Maria a million pounds to stop the accusations and when Fiz knocks on the door she screams at her to get him out of the house, But Tony has already unlocked the door and he feigns concern for her state of mind. Tony realises Maria is heading to the police station to accuse him of murder and knows he has to get to Carla first.

Steve consoles Jesse and talks him into doing Amy’s party. When Eileen arrives in the pub the pair hit it off and her ropes Eileen into standing in as his assistant Hia-Lowa. Becky spots a touching moment between Michelle and Steve and with a heavy heart she tells him to lay off the bad boyfriend act till after Christmas.

Also, Peter invites Leanne to a works Christmas do; Mary appears to have developed a crush on Norris!

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