Maria returns with bad news for Todd

*Hour-long Episode*

Todd pulls a sickie from Street Cars to spend time with Marcus ,but Todd’s annoyed when Maria returns to the street and tells Marcus he can continue seeing Liam. Maria braces herself and apologises to Fiz, but Fiz isn’t ready to forgive her yet.

An excited Kylie announces that Becky has offered them a free holiday in Barbados, but David’s left concerned about their trip when he returns home to find Michael there. Ordering him out of the house, David and Kylie then take it upon themselves to visit Michael at work but Kylie makes a scene and tells Michael’s boss that he burgled their house. Micheal is sacked and Gail is furious when she finds out.

Leanne braces herself when she tells Simon that her and Kal are now an item. Nick promotes an embarrassed Steph to Bistro supervisor simply to upset Leanne. Meanwhile, Alya gives Kal her blessing when he tells her he and Leanne are together.

Also, Kylie’s dismissive when Max’s teacher tells her that Max is disruptive and has difficulty concentrating; Izzy makes excuses to get out of spending the evening with Gary and tells Fiz she and Gary don’t get on any more; and Todd is sacked from Street Cars when Steve finds out he skived.