Maria runs down Tony!

Maria is in a terrible state, as she can’t get anyone to believe her allegations about Tony. When she talks to the police they have already been approached by Carla over her attack on Tony and advise Maria that if she continues to harass Tony she’ll be in serious trouble. A devastated Maria leaves drives home, but as she rounds the corner into Coronation Street, she sees Tony crossing the road and her hatred bubbles to the surface. Maria puts her foot down and drives straight at him, but swerves at the last moment, clipping Tony and crashing the car.

Sally and Kevin assure Sophie that they love her and apologise for the way they have sidelined her during all their problems with Rosie. Rosie makes disparaging remarks about her sister, but Sophie is having none of it and gives as good as she gets.

Ken returns from Portsmouth without Peter and explains to Leanne and Blanche that Peter has had to go into rehab. Blanche has no sympathy for Peter and his problems, but Leanne is concerned and agrees to look after the bookies and stand by him.

Also, Eddie is dumbstruck when Kirk tells him that he has managed to arrange for them to join another darts team.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria sits dazed in the crumpled wreck of her car and Tony lies on the cobbles. Kevin rushes to Maria’s aide while Carla is relieved to discover that Tony is conscious. The emergency services are called and Tony and Maria are taken to hospital. A shell-shocked Maria is terrified she may have harmed her unborn child. Meanwhile, the police warn Maria that she could be facing an attempted murder charge if it is proved that she tried to run Tony over on purpose.

Gary suggests to Tina that David tried to frame him for the robbery because he is jealous and worried that Tina fancies him. Later in the pub David is devastated when he hears Tina telling Jason that she isn’t sure Gary is guilty.

Ken takes Eccles for a long walk by the canal, but when the dog falls in and Ken tries to rescue him he finds a Good Samaritan in the form of the charming Martha Fraser (Stephanie Beacham). Martha helps save Eccles and invites Ken to dry out in the warmth of her canal boat.

Also, Eileen is surprised to discover that Julie is the daughter of an old school friend; Sophie returns from swimming in a bad mood, but won’t tell Sally why.

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