Maria softens towards Tony

Maria goes to the cemetery to visit Liam‘s grave on their wedding anniversary, but as she grieves for her dead husband and what might have been she is surprised when Tony turns up to pay his respects. Tony uncharacteristically breaks down in tears and Maria is touched. She finds herself softening towards him and offers him a lift home.

Joe wants to report Len to the police for threatening Tina and when she mentions that the CCTV camera was turned on he decides to go through the footage with Gail and David. They are hopeful that they will find something to incriminate Len, but they discover he’s been too clever and there is nothing to prove he threatened Tina.

Natasha arrives for her date with Steve, but he is far from enthusiastic. Natasha is miffed when instead of going out they spend the evening eating takeaway curries and watching the football. Natasha apologises for forcing Steve into a date and lets him off the hook

Also, Mary and Norris also enjoy a date before she heads off on her cruise with her mother. She offers him another chance to go with her and is devastated when he refuses.

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