Fiz feels helpless as she watches a worried sick Tyrone and decides to call round at Kirsty’s mother’s house. Meanwhile, feeling sorry for Maria, Tyrone agrees to meet her for a chat in the park. When Maria confesses to Audrey that she’s in love with Tyrone, she grows deeply concerned and decides to have a word with Fiz about Maria’s intentions towards Tyrone. Meanwhile, in the park Maria’s plucks up the courage to tell Tyrone how she really feels…

With Peter hungover again, a desperate Carla calls Tracy and asks her to babysit him. When Tracy nips out, Peter’s desperation reaches new levels when he sees it as a chance to escape, but he’s furious when he realises she’s locked him in. Frustrated, Peter’s anger steadily grows.

Eileen’s shocked when Todd and Marcus appear from upstairs and she accuses everyone of treating her house like a hotel. Ignoring Eileen’s complaint, Todd tempts fate and excitedly suggests to Marcus he should move in.

Also, Katy and Gail attend their interviews at the gym and, unaware, Dev and Sharif take them both on as part-time receptionists; and Owen’s disappointed when he fails to get a job in a factory.