Maria struggles with her grief

Maria is in a daze after Liam‘s death and unable to comprehend how such a terrible thing could happen to her husband and the father of her unborn child. Tony and Carla call around to see her, but Carla is finding the whole situation too much to handle. Meanwhile, a calm and collected Tony is doing a good job of keeping his involvement in Liam’s death a secret from everyone.

Sally is back from Holyhead and is shocked to find out about the postcard threatening Sophie. She asks Chesney to watch out for Sophie at school and John offers to collect them both to make sure they get back safely. But when Chesney has left, John tells Sophie that he knows she sent the threatening postcard herself. Sophie is stunned she’s been found out, as John advises her to confess to her parents.

Meanwhile, in an attic somewhere away from the Street sits a hungry and lonely Rosie dishevelled and grubby, her hair a mess and her face free of make-up. Someone comes into the room to give the captive Rosie some food – John!

Also, Leanne is shocked to find Kelly at Dan’s flat and that Dan has sent her things to the charity shop!

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Rosie devours the food that John has brought her and demands to know when she is going to be released. A guilt-ridden John tells her that he can’t release her – he snatched her off the street in a moment of anger and madness and now he doesn’t know what to do. John tells her about Sophie sending the postcard and Rosie is furious that her sister is hampering attempts to find her.

Meanwhile, Sophie overhears Sally and Kevin talking and realises how much worse she has made things. She confesses to them about the postcard and they call the police so she can explain what she did – they are relieved that she is not in danger, but angry that she added to their concern over Rosie.

Carla discusses Liam with Leanne, who thinks she should tell Tony the truth so she can grieve properly. But Carla insists that she loves Tony, just not in the same way that she loved Liam. Carla asks Leanne to go with her to the spot where Liam died. Carla breaks down, unaware that they are being watched by an increasingly jealous and angry Tony.

Also, Liam’s parents Helen and Barry arrive from Ireland to arrange Liam’s funeral.