Maria thanks Roy for saving Tony

Roy tells Hayley about Tony’s confession. Hayley puts it down to the drugs Tony was on and tells Roy not to worry. Julie, Kelly, Janice, Sally and Fiz all gossip about Tony and wonder if he’s dead, while Maria arrives back from Cyprus in a terrible state and desperate to see him. Roy goes to the hospital expecting the worst. However he’s shocked when Maria throws her arms round him and thanks him for saving Tony’s life.

Ryan’s appalled to discover Michelle’s spent the night with Jake. She’s embarrassed and ushers Jake out of the flat. Ben disappears to have a shower leaving Ryan and Michelle to argue.

Simon’s got a black eye and a cold so Peter keeps him off school for the day. George approaches Peter, Leanne and Simon in the street. He introduces himself as Simon’s granddad and is quick to comment on Simon’s black eye.

Also; Gail borrows a sander from Bill, intent on helping Joe with the boat; Dev refuses to pay Jake’s bill as it’s too steep so Jake removes a section of roof tiles from the cornershop; Julie and Jesse arrange to meet for a children’s party, while Eileen wonders what they’re up to.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Maria tells Roy how Tony’s making a remarkable recovery and it’s all thanks to him. Maria insists Roy visits him saying that Tony wants to thank him for all he’s done.

Sally bosses the factory girls around enjoying her new role as PA. Tony fishes trying to find out how much he told Roy while he was sedated. Roy’s uncomfortable wondering how much Tony remembers about his confession. Tony insists on making a donation of £5k to the charity of Roy’s choice. Roy knows that really Tony is trying to buy his silence.

George shows Peter some paperwork proving he’s Lucy’s father and Simon’s grandfather. George explains to Peter that he was a useless father to Lucy and just wants a chance to be a better grandfather to Simon. Peter promises to think about it.

Also, David brings his new girlfriend Zoe home to meet Gail and Joe. Later he takes her to the Rovers where they see Tina; Jesse and Julie arrive back from the kids’ party having had a great time and arrange to meet up again for another party booking; Jake tells Michelle he’s got a contract in Penrith and wants her to go with him. Michelle refuses although she’s secretly tempted.