Maria vandalises the factory

Maria is rattled after her encounter with Tony and asks Fiz to go to the police station with her. Fiz explains that she hasn’t seen or heard anything that she could tell them, leaving Maria frustrated. Maria is desperate to prove to everyone that Tony murdered Liam and she picks up a pot of paint daubs the word ‘murderer’ across the factory walls.

Gail still hasn’t heard from Joe after he stormed out of the house, but he turns up with a bouquet of flowers as an apology. He promises her he won’t behave like that again, but still doesn’t come clean about being evicted.

Dev is like a bear with a sore head when Amber asks him to make himself scarce so she can spend some time with Darryl. Amber realises the only way she is going to get a love life is if she sorts out Dev’s first so she gets on the phone to Tara.

Also, Liz takes the Brazilian Crunch class when the instructor fails to show, while Lloyd turns DJ.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Maria is hysterical when the police question her about the graffiti on the front of factory as Audrey tries desperately to calm her down. Tony intervenes and tells the police that he won’t press charges and Maria insists this proves his guilt but Audrey and Fiz are frustrated that she refuses to let her accusations drop. Tony wants Maria out of the way and suggests to Kirk and Fiz that he pay for her to visit her parents in Cyprus.

Lloyd warns Steve that it won’t be long before people start to notice the sexual tension between him and Becky. Steve insists that he can handle things and keep his affair a secret until he can split up with Michelle. Meanwhile, Lloyd has impressed the ladies at the Brazilian Crunch class and finds himself the centre of attention.

Tyrone is pleased that Molly is back at home, but he’s got a stiff back from sleeping on the sofa. Tyrone is chuffed when Molly offers to give him a massage but he is left frustrated when they are interrupted by Aunty Pam.

Also, Dev and Tara realise that they’ve been set up by Amber, but Dev seizes the moment and offers Tara the flat above the shop.

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