Maria wants Liam back

Liam and Carla fail to turn up to open the factory and they aren’t answering their phones. Rosie decides to pop to Carla’s to get the spare factory keys. Rosie arrives at Carla’s flat and is stunned to see Liam exiting the flat with Carla’s arms around him. Rosie snaps a quick picture on her phone, but she drops the phone and Carla spots her looking.

Maria tells Marcus that she misses Liam and Marcus encourages her to talk to him. Liam arrives home to find Maria in the house and he is stunned as she explains that she still loves him and begs him to take her back.

Fiz is irritated when Julie offers to help Chesney with his lines for the school play, but Fiz sharply tells her she has already offered. Julie continues questioning Chesney about what is wrong with him – creating even more tension between her and Fiz, and making Chesney feel awkward. Julie tells Kirk that Fiz seems jealous of their relationship and demands that he tell Fiz to back off.

Also, Paul is feeling down about the thought of going to prison; Ted offers to drive Gail to the young offenders unit to see David; Deirdre begins to notice Liz’s affections for Harry.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam softens towards Maria and comes round to the idea of them getting back together. He suggests that they should go away for a break with Ozzy to try and get back on track. Maria is delighted by Liam’s decision, but Liam realises that he will have to tell Carla that he has gone back to his wife.

David is surprised when Gail arrives at visiting time with Ted in tow. David realises that his grandfather is no pushover and tells him about life in the institution, but can’t resist a few digs when he realises Ted is gay. Ted is more than a match for David, however. Gail is worried that her chaotic family has scared off Ted when he reveals that he�s going back home.

Kirk tells Julie that he has spoken to Fiz and she insisted that she doesn’t fancy him any more. Julie, however, is anxious to stake her claim and tells Fiz that she and Kirk are going on a romantic night out. Fiz is relieved to have the house to herself for the night.

Also, Harry invites Liz out for a drink but she refuses; Carla gives Rosie a designer bag in a bid to buy her silence.