Maria’s a broken woman

Michelle‘s had a long night tending to a restless Maria and when Ryan arrives she has the tough job of breaking the news to him that Tony had Liam killed. As he swears revenge on Tony, Michelle tries to calm him, but Ryan breaks down claiming he’s going to live with his grandparents. After speaking to Barry, Ryan decides to stay. Michelle’s relieved until Ryan explains that Barry and Helen have flown in from Ireland and are at the airport.

Maria sets about removing all traces of Tony from her life. Still in a state of shock it’s clear Maria is a broken woman.

Gail and Joe are about to go shopping for their wedding but when Joe gets a phone call from his debt collector he’s forced to send Gail without him. Joe’s horrified as Rick tells him his debt has now doubled and threatens to take the boat as payment. Joe knows it might be time to tell Gail.

Also the Barlows welcome George and Eve to tea, they’re stunned as Blanche and openly flirts with George, that is until she lets a few family skeletons out of the closet; Lloyd provides a limousine as Eileen’s surprise present for Jesse’s birthday.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Helen and Barry arrive on the street, Michelle explains to her parents that Liam had an affair with Carla and Tony had him killed out of revenge. Maria’s mortified when Helen then accuses her of sleeping with Tony to get revenge on Carla and Liam. Deeply hurt Maria takes baby Liam out for a walk but when she doesn’t come home the Connors start to worry. Eventually they track her down to Liam’s grave where Maria makes a shock decision.

George and Eve leave the Barlows’ tea party, while George is short with Peter and Leanne after learning about their dodgy pasts. Peter’s hardly surprised but when George then calls at the betting shop apologising with flowers and gifts he’s bemused.

Steve and Dev are gutted to learn that their guest memberships at the golf club have expired. When the secretary then tells them that there’s one full membership available they agree to play a deciding round to determine who gets it.

Also, Eileen reveals the limo ride she’s organised for Jesse’s birthday, but she’s less than impressed to hear he always spends his big day with his parents; Joe admits his debts to Gail, although he doesn’t reveal a loan shark is involved, Gail walks out.

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