Maria’s tormented by the funeral

Maria can’t bring herself to go to the funeral as she is convinced that her attendance will only make things worse between her and Liam. Carla continues to comfort Liam and she accompanies him to the funeral. Audrey convinces Maria that she will regret not saying a final farewell to her baby and Maria has a sudden change of heart and decides to go to the funeral after all.

Claire is delighted that Ashley has agreed to the house swap and she and Sally set the wheels in motion for the estate agents to value the properties. The women seem to have the whole plan mapped out but neither Kevin nor Ashley are convinced that swapping houses is a good idea!

Fiz and Julie are still battling it out to be the one who works out whatever it is that is troubling Chesney. Chesney tries to use Kirk’s grief over Maria’s baby as an excuse not to go to school but Julie sees through it and sends him anyway, although she is no closer to discovering the cause of his recent behaviour.

Also, Bill encourages Gail to get in touch with her father, while Audrey is still not sure it is the right thing for Gail to do.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Liam is relieved that Liam has arrived at the funeral. Carla feels pushed out by their closeness and leaves them to grieve alone. The funeral is an emotional time for everyone but mother and father are reconciled as they movingly talk to their baby boy about their hopes and dreams for him. After the funeral the congregation repair to the Rovers, but no one is quite sure what to say to Carla, who stands alone with her thoughts.

Gail gets a surprise visit from Tina, who tells her that she has been to see David and Gail asks Tina to pass on her love next time she visits. Later that day, Gail is thrilled to hear from Ted and they make plans to meet up tomorrow.

Claire and Sally wait for the estate agent to give his final verdict on the value of both of their houses. Sally is delighted with the price quoted for the Webster house, but Claire can’t help but feel disappointed that the Peacock house is not worth as much as she’d hoped. The couples shake hands on the deal but Claire is starting to feel unnerved.

Also, Julie continues to annoy Fiz and Chesney is still not himself.