Marie is attacked!

Over at the hospital, Lewis clashes with Sam for telling George about medical developments that might help his daughter Jessie, and then with Marie when he finds her flirting with a patient. Later, Lewis is at the Boat Wharf when a worried Belle hails him to help her and Drew with an injured woman they’ve spotted in some bushes. The victim of an apparent attack, is Marie.

Jack’s criminal dealings with Cam and Rowan come back to haunt him after he learns he’s the subject of a police investigation. Jack finally comes clean to Sam who’s shocked by his confession but convinces him to try to steal back the evidence from Rowan and return it. Jack locates Rowan’s address, breaks in and nabs the evidence before getting it back to the police file without detection.

McGrath is furious when the evidence turns up, as he and George now have no case against Jack. But he’s placated when George presents photos of Jack at his barbeque with Colin, a serious underworld figure who George says is planning a major local armed robbery with Jack. McGrath agrees to give George another week to build the case against Jack.

Also, Drew’s pool contest doesn’t go well when Travis and Aden cause trouble, leaving Alf furious.