Marilyn pricks her finger on an old nail and goes to hospital. On the way, she asks Alf about Sid. Alf fills her in on Sid’s past. At the hospital, an apprehensive Marilyn is soon at ease with Sid. When a disgruntled ex pours coffee over Sid, Marilyn and Sid share a laugh. Marilyn gives Sid her business card and says she hopes to hear from him.

Sid tells Indi he’s heard Nicole still has feelings for him. Indi frets and Dex tells her to ask Romeo about it – if anyone would know, he would. Romeo says Nicole told him she was over Sid, and besides, she’s with Penn now. Indi’s mind is put at ease but in the meantime, Sid contacts Miles and asks to meet up.

Leah pulls out of a careers talk she was due to give at VJ’s school because the Diner is short-staffed. Elijah suggests he do the talk instead – it’ll be good step dad practice. VJ jumps at the offer, but the moment Elijah mentions being VJ’s step dad, he goes cold. VJ says he doesn’t want a step dad, he wants a dad. He asks Elijah if it’s OK to call him Dad.

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